A wedding to remember


7th January 2017 started for me as a wedding photographer. The event took place in Sweden, Tortuna on a beautiful winter day. Happily for everyone we had snow, sun and it was perhaps -4 in the afternoon, but turned pretty cold later after the wedding ceremony. Sometimes I think I was more nervous than the bride and groom that day. I had been a wedding photographer assistant before, so this was pretty much my first time being the main photographer. In my mind I had it all planed, but oh boy, how little did I know. There were a couple of unexpected technical issues and moments when the groom was so nervous that I had to miss a few planned shots. The shoot started from the preparation, which is my favourite part, to the wedding party. The wedding ceremony itself took place in the evening and it was dark, which made this the most challenging photoshoot I had ever had. Nonetheless, I or should I even say “We”, managed the whole day.

Would like to say thanks to this wonderful couple for the opportunity and wish them happiness and all the best of luck!

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