Mood Board 2016


Just after celebrating New Year I decided to post a mood board for every month. January of 2016 brought to Västerås an amazing and unusual start of the year. Right when we lost hope for snow and a proper winter it suddenly appeared from nowhere. A very pleasant surprise and not imaging it would have been a shame. Snow did not stay too long, but nonetheless, I appreciated that moment of happiness and surprise.

Mood Board for January, cinnabon, tea, winter bush, snow on birch trees, Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar

Mood Board for January, Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar



And here February arrives with all it’s weather jazz confusing inhabitants of Scandinavia. Instead of having the coldest winter of the season we were out reaching for the sun, fooling ourselves with that Spring feeling. It caused us to just shut our eyes for a moment when suddenly winter was back again. Magic!


Mood Board for February, Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar



As March approached, Västerås started melting. I had my first walk at Mälaren. The sound of ice melting right under my feet was terrifying. Nonetheless, I managed to walk half way and make it back to land. After that walk, thoughts of London crossed my mind everyday. A visit to the capital became a goal.

… And suddenly,
I saw you standing right there
And in foggy London town,
The sun was shining everywhere … 

Lyrics from “A Foggy Day” by Frank Sinatra

Mood Board for March. London - Västerås. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar

Mood Board for March. London – Västerås. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar



Sweden in all it’s greatness continues to amaze it’s inhabitants by surprising them with sunny days then snowy days and then rainy windy days. This same month together with Studio021 we had an exhibition “Isms of Västerås” swe. “Ismer i Västerås”. Minimalism was my ism. So much happened during April. An interview with Helen Shippeywhich I hosted together with Studio021, a great workshop with Lisa Westermark about how to get your inspiration back, and finally, just welcoming Spring. What I noticed is that during this whole month I mainly used my mobile phone on the go to take pictures. Eventually what we all were waiting for the most was the arrival of Spring.



This wonderful month stepped into our lives warm and beautiful the first week. In Västerås one could not ignore the smiles of it’s inhabitants. Everyone shared these spring days with a wonderful mood. Apart from beautiful smiles and the bright sun, May opened itself to me with fields of blooming flowers. Through out this month it felt like I was only interested in nature, all that represented Spring. The weather wasn’t always perfect, but when it was I could not be more grateful.



Moodboard May 16. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar



Mood Board for June shares a travellers experience. Copenhagen managed to be a main destination and a really inspiring trip. A mini holiday with the summer sun, boat trips, art, culture and locals. Best month so far.


Mood Board June 2016, Copenhagen. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar



Just when you thought time flies, July stopped for a moment for you to enjoy.


Mood Board July 2016. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar



Sweden had a change of weather as usual, making one think of visiting a place were the weather is more predictable. Ofcourse, My Red Boots would prefer making use of itself in Sweden as the weather is more to it’s liking.

Sweden and Aruba. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar

Sweden and Aruba. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar



Summer stays a bit longer….

One Happy Island. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar

One Happy Island. Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar

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