Addtrack desktop application

GUI and Visual Design for a desktop application

Addtrack analysis software

Addtrack is a software used to analyse product conditions and flows. This software has been mainly used for transportation companies, but can be easily used to analyse other areas. Global companies like Bombardier, Sandvik, GreenCargo and Hyundai use this tool.

The aim of the project was to make the software’s function more simple, pedagogical and responsive. Also by adding drag and drop functions. This was later generated to the web application. This task included creating an anomaly chart.

The icons were individually created and reused later. Main tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Pattern Matching Addtrack

Pattern Matching layout for Addtrack. Note that this is a view with multiple function that do the approximate function.

Pattern matching drag & drop function

The distance and icons were created with considering space and size for the user’s fingers. Apart from drag and drop it should also give and option to just click once on a desired action, e.g. delete Event icon or change it. Note that this button is clicked for 2 seconds before these functions appear.


Pattern matching duplication and edit dialog function. 

When clicking on the icon in this view a dialog box with multiple choices should appear. 


Anomaly graph

Anomaly condition Addtrack

Anomaly chart demo


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